středa 30. listopadu 2011


TabView and Array adaptor were completely implemented for displaying events information at Search Tab. Events are read from GAE and are displayed in PP apllication. Also required design was added.

úterý 29. listopadu 2011

CVUT actions

Party Pool aplication will be primary situated on action hold by CVUT. As a bonus there will be posibility to add own action.

čtvrtek 24. listopadu 2011

Future plan

Today we had a team meeting where we defined our priorities for this project. As we said we would like to completely implement search and add function. The another functionalities will be user login, update and delete events. We have a concept of our Party Pool application and we try to realize it. Maybe we will not implement yet all functionalities. In this blog we will inform you about progress of PPA.

úterý 22. listopadu 2011


Here is the first version of Search (picture no 1) and Add (picture no 2) function. We have some problems with fragments in Rest but we believe that we solve it.

Picture no 1

Picture no 2

úterý 15. listopadu 2011

REST services

We made interface for some methods, which will be used in PPA. In the picture you can see methods for finding, adding, updating and deleting events. The last is method for our first developed application Hello World. Now we try to achieve the first goal - ADD and SEARCH functions.

čtvrtek 10. listopadu 2011

PPA started

Today we started to develop Party Pool application. Our first task is to implement ADD and SEARCH functions. We will inform about progress.

pátek 4. listopadu 2011

Restlet Base

We try to made simple Rest Client. Restlet is a open source project that provides a concrete solution for people wanting to build solid apllications folowing the Rest arhitecture style defined by Roy T. Fielding.  The mission of this open source project is to bring the simplicity and efficiency of the REST architecture style to java developers.
More info you can see in Restlet Base section.